Taxonomy As a Service

Taxonomy as a Service

Controlled Vocabularies and Taxonomies for Humanitarians

Words Matter! Using mutually understandable terminology is vital to humanitarian collaboration. How do you collaborate with someone if you use different words to describe the same thing? How do you find the information you need if everyone is describing things differently?

This site provides access to OCHA’s controlled vocabularies and taxonomies as human-readable spreadsheets and machine readable APIs. They can be easily integrated into all humanitarian platforms, information resources and datasets with little management overhead.

See our Taxonomy As A Service guide (pdf) to find out more about what it is, why it’s important and how it’s beneficial to humanitarians. Vocabularies and taxonomies complement the Humanitarian Exchange Language (HXL). We’ll post more information about this ongoing collaboration soon.

The taxonomies shown below are the first in a whole series of taxonomies relevant to humanitarians.